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Notes from a Cottage Industry

As I schlep and sling my Christmas decorations around, I feel much more inspired by reading a blog like Tracey’s. Notes from a Cottage Industry.Cottage decoratingThis woman has style…….she’s a natural. I can’t believe I didn’t feature her yet. I had to look at my archives a few times just to make sure.

cottage decorating

Cottage Decorating

As I am getting sucked in by Tracey’s style, wit, charm and wonderful ideas, I see she spends a bit of time in Portland……….HEY! I live near Portland! HEY! I almost got married at The Portland White House…..where her daughter did. She thinks Portland is one of the best places to go junking. I have to agree, but I wish she would take me with next time.
Tracey has a small little boutique she runs on the weekend, while she works a grown up job during the week. Her boutique is her hobby…….and boy is she good at it. I’m thinking she should go into interior design.
Tracey’s got gumption……….not only does she re-do furniture…….and you know I LOVE that…..


wait, there’s more………those bows kill me.cottage decorating

So as I was saying………not only does she re-do furniture……..but she takes on BIG projects and decided to re-do her whole kitchen. Who can blame her. That’s not a suitable kitchen for a Cottage loving woman. No, No, No… and she will not settle.

BEFORE:cottage decorating

AFTER!!!!!! She even used one of her newly painted tables as an island. Genius! Look at the little thingy holding up the counter bar thingy. I like saying thingy.cottage decoratingA little peek at her kitchen nook chair. Darling. She has a photo of the whole thing on her first page……..all decorated for Christmas. I could hardly get off the first page. So much eye candy. I couldn’t take all the photos from there, I wanted to leave a few for you. But don’t stop there. She’s got great archives. cottage decorating

I know Thanksgiving is over, but HOLY COW look at that table! cottage decorating Makes me want to completely rethink my holiday table for next year. WOW! To make it even better in my book…..see those little place setting frames? She bought those at Walmart and painted them! Painted them to match a cake stand.


OK, now it’s time to go pay Miss Tracey a visit. Tell her how you found her. Enjoy all her photos, ideas and charm.



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