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I hope you all are ready for some amazing ideas today!  I love those ideas that were thought up outside the box…..using something ridiculously expensive for inspiration.  Because we all know just because it cost a lot, does NOT mean it’s better or not tacky……or worth it. 

The Stories of A 2 Z

Beth has a wonderful blog with my kind of ideas!  Things that make me all warm and fuzzy!   Beth lives in here……..and as you can tell, she remodeled her half…..and she’s been asked to help the new owners with the other half.imageThat is NOT a photo shopped photo.  Here place is obviously on the Left.

She’s takes us through all her decorating challenges, changes and ideas!  I loved every minute of it.


This is the 3rd numbered staircase I have seen!  I am even more motivated to somehow get one in my home.  I’d love to have it be my stairs leading to the upstairs, but I think I’ll have to settle for the ones leading to our daylight basement.  I love them.  I have to have them.imageWhile we’re talking about numbers…….can we really have too many numbers?  Because I don’t think so.  I’m still planning a little hutch re-do with some numbers…….I gotta get busy.

Put your drink down, because this next project will have you gasping! 

imageI know!  I’m doing it too……I may already have some jars around this place.image She’s got a full tutorial about it and make sure to read it in case you’re like me and had the DUH moment about not using the inside lid.  DUH!image  Her porch is lovely.  A few more numbers.   I’ll have an iced tea please.  Actually I’ve been craving a Mojito.image  No numbers, but monograms.  And seriously……..this looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.image Master bedroom……..Yum, that fabric is pretty yummy.  image  She’s talented at decorating cupcakes too…….Super mom made these for her little boys 6th birthday.  They also went canoeing.  See the theme?image

She shares “life in the city” stories with her readers.  Like when her trash can was stolen.  She thought long and hard about it and decided to take matters into her own hands…….image

She decided to deliver the lid.

The girl is crafty!   I think I just fell in love with her.

image She’s smart too…….she wasn’t going to lose another can to some fool.image She marked her territory.  Now I have never seen a decorated trash can before.  I would steal this too……the idea, not the can….except our little city supplies these ugly dark blue ones.  image If you’re looking to spruce up your place with original ideas, you’ll be happy as a clam visiting her blog.  Don’t forget to surprise her about being featured here.  I love that! image

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