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Organizing your Pots & Pans


As one of the Lowe’s Creative Team Members, we are given monthly challenges to complete.

One of the options this month was Organizing your Pantry, which I decided meant Organizing Your Pots & Pans.  We don’t have a huge pantry, but I did have 2 messy cupboards that had been calling my name, driving me nuts.


It’s about to get real in here. Not only is it messy, but I need new pots and pans desperately. I’m in the market……so click on the comments and tell me your favorites and why.

Obviously people who do not cook designed this kitchen. This cupboard was like a thorn in my side, you can imagine all the grunting and groaning while I tried reaching my dutch oven way in the bottom back corner.

Organizing your Pots & Pans |


Then there’s the “tupperware” and stoneware cupboard. It was like a puzzle and you can see I lost my desire to have it fit perfectly.

Organizing your Pots & Pans |


I’d been eyeing these really cool pull out cabinet baskets at Lowes for a while.  We took our measurements and picked out the ones that would work.  I originally wanted them for under my sink too, but with the odd pipe arrangement we have, it just wasn’t going to work.

Having organized Pots & Pans makes such a difference. My next focus will be all the bakeware.

We decided to swap the cabinet contents around a little to make it more efficient. It not only looks better, but it’s much more functional. And I don’t have to grunt and groan to reach my heaviest pot.

Organized Pots & Pans |


Same with the stoneware.  I can easily reach in and grab what  I need without talking sweetly to it to coax it out of the cupboard. Everything has enough room, no over crowding.

Organizing your Pots & Pans |


Organized pots & pans |


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  1. kelsey says

    I got some awesome Circulon contempo pots and pans- they are non stick and you can use nylon or metal utensils without damaging the non-stick. Costco had them 2 years back, but not since, so my mother in law ordered them straight from circulon! good luck.