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Otter Pops Gift Idea

Please welcome my good friend Stephanie as my guest today. I was lucky enough to meet Stephanie a few years ago and we’ve since become great bloggy friends. Love this idea for Otter Pops! What a great gift idea! Enjoy!


Hi guys! I am Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and I am excited to be here today.

otter pop gift idea 1

Here is a simple idea that will spread some smiles to the recipients- a simple Otter Pop Gift. Give them to neighbors, friends, the girls you visit teach etc.

(I know these frozen ice snacks aren’t called Otter Pops everywhere, so I apologize if this gift doesn’t make sense to you. For the rest of us, please enjoy!)

otter pops 3

Otter Pops Gift Idea

  • Otter Pops/ Frozen Freezer Pops
  • A cute container- I used a small paint can from our hardware store and covered it in scrapbook paper, but I have also just bundled the freezer pops with a cute ribbon and that works too!
  • This printable:

Otter Pop Printable

Click HERE to download your FREE copy


  1. Download, print and cut the free printable. Then sign your name to the card.
  2. Assemble your gifts & attach the card.
  3. Hand them out!

otter pops 2

Simple and cute, just the way I like it!

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Have a great summer!