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Outdoor Wall Art {DIY}

As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, I am given a monthly challenge.  I mostly choose very practical home projects, projects that need done around my home.  This month is Outdoor Art.  So I chose to do DIY Outdoor Wall Art. At first I thought I’d create something for my gate heading into my outdoor potting area. 

outdoor wall art

I thought about this for a couple of weeks and while cruising around Lowe’s with my husband one afternoon, I was telling him my ideas. After hearing my ideas, he was quick to realize I would need his assistance.   So I’m not sure if that was the catalyst to his brilliant idea or if it just struck him. 

rubber door mat

Outdoor Wall Art

Knowing my love of spray painting, he picked up a wrought iron looking rubber door mat and said…….. “Here! Just spray paint this and hang it up”.

The man is brilliant. And then I saw the door mats for steps (Mohawk Home Brand) and thought they’d make nice shutters for my kitchen window that faces our deck.  The brilliance between the two of is astounding at times!
outdoor wall art

Whattaya think? It adds so much charm to an otherwise blank and ugly wall.
outdoor wall art

I used the Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Nickel spray paint.  rust-oleum spray paint

Word to the wise………don’t be SO excited to hang it up that the paint isn’t completely set and rubs off where you’re holding onto it. Let it sit for at least an hour. But like everything in my home…….it’s now distressed.  I like distressed. And before you think…….. “dang, can’t she afford a decent table?”  Yes……..yes I can, but I just LOVE my beat up distressed lime green table. When I stop loving it, believe me…… husband will be throwing it out before I can change my mind.

outdoor wall artMy son had few friends over, so I set up a drink station. I had a few snacks on the other table and had everything ready for them. I was more thrilled than I should be when I realized the popcorn tub I’d been saving pretty much matched my chair covers. I flipped it over and placed the lid upside down and made a diy cake plate……..kinda.  The boys could care less…… fact I think one even said “why do you have a popcorn bucket upside down?”  I guess he didn’t get it. They also didn’t appreciate my cute little Mod Melt Spoons. Sheesh……….boys.

After I spray painted and was feeling like we were being so original, I searched Pinterest to see if anyone was as brilliant as my husband. Turns out, there are a few people.  Just goes to show there are no original or new ideas. Just new and original to you.  I love the transformation such a quick project has.

Lowes Creative Team


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  1. Jackie says

    Hi Kim,
    I love, love, love this idea!! I have one question though and really it is strictly to help me with my choices when I do it, ( lol ). Why did you spray paint the door mat silver? It blends in with the color of the house and I think I would have either left it black as with the mat’s you used for the window shutters and the iron work above the door mat, or I would have spray painted it something colorful. Especially since you have a lot of color on the table and that nice red chair sitting there. I would have probably went with what looks to be a pale blue in the stripes on the popcorn can. I also love this idea because thanks to literally hundreds of spray paint colors, the door mat can be changed to go with whatever “theme” you have going on at the time. I really would appreciate your thought process on your choice though. :0) Thank you for sharing a great idea!!

    • says

      Yes, I thought about a bright color…….but I have SO much color that I thought the bronzy silver would be nice. It’s not as bland in person when you can see the whole house. I didn’t want to leave it black or a darker color because I thought it would just look like a door mat hung on the wall. I also left it a neutral because I may move to my front porch. It’s all a personal preference, but leaving it more neutral also allows me to bring it inside if I wanted.
      Good luck with your project!

  2. Jane says

    Wow, I love your ideas (and Jim’s!). Now if I could just get my husband on board. Thanks, I am going to use the floor mat idea for wall art. Whoopee!!

    • says

      Thank you! My poor husband hasn’t always been as on board as I’d like. But now that Lowe’s is a client, he’s been forced……and he’s actually enjoying it. He’s even uttered the words that maybe he should start a blog……I’ve created a monster.