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Free Thanksgiving Table Printables

What would we do without all these amazing Thanksgiving Printables? I am in love with these FREE … {Continue Reading}

Free Thanksgiving Printables |

Holiday Entertaining | Creating Additional Seating

Ah, decorating. It's one of the main reasons I started this blog. I love creating a creative space, … {Continue Reading}

Additional Seating Space

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Every now and then, someone thinks I might be somewhat interesting. The nice folks at … {Continue Reading}

CricutExplore Giveaway! Bake, Craft, Sew!

I'm excited to be a part of Bake, Craft, Sew today! I'm guest posting over at Thirty Handmade Days … {Continue Reading}

Cricut Giveaway

No Sugar Added Holiday Treats!

We try to watch our blood sugar around here and although we're not considered diabetic, our blood … {Continue Reading}


Creating Space for Holiday Guests

This past August, I talked about creating a "teen space" that could accommodate my son and his … {Continue Reading}

Creating Space for Holiday Guests from Sauder |


quaker superstar

I'm still on Vacation!  I had a fun GNO(girls night out) with some amazing Utah bloggers last night.  I hope you'll enter my giveaway for some yummy Quaker Chewy granola bars.......those kids get so hungry in the summer, don't they?  Nick Jonas + … [Continue reading]

Get Your Craft On

craft on

So I'm a day late.  That happens on vacation. Can't wait to see what you have in store.  I'm here in Utah.........the craft mecca, just laying by the pool.  If you're in Orem, you may see me at the local Red Mango or a Shaved Ice joint.  I'm the … [Continue reading]

Perfect Photos


Whoops, Get Your Craft On will be tomorrow. "hey're gonna wanna get a photo of these" "Mom! You're gonna want this for the blog" Joy to my ears! Those are the words I hear every now and then from my son. I even have my husband … [Continue reading]

Where Women Create

embroidered felt bouquets

Flash back - While I'm on vacation, I'm doing a few flashbacks.     Not sure if this is more of an update for me, or for Where Women Create. Way back when I featured Where Women Create Jo Packham.......I was SO excited.  Little did I … [Continue reading]

Redbox $10,000


What's your FAVORITE animated movie that you and your children both enjoy? I am SO thankful that many "children's" animated movies have enough humor adults can enjoy. Our favorite is Despicable Me. I've watched it twice and my son has watched it … [Continue reading]

Summer Reading

losing beauty

Hey, I'm heading to ParkCity for EVO 11!  Will I see you there?   I teach fitness in Portland Oregon at one of the busiest gyms.  This gym is also one of our most diverse.  I love it!  I meet the most interesting people. Johanna Garth ~ … [Continue reading]