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Printable Gift Tags

Just a quicky…….

I know some of you may still be wrapping presents……….and that’s just fine.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.


I found the cutest printable gift tags.  I love these!  I’m going to use them on my neighbor gifts and inlaw gifts.   I love me some kraft paper tags!

This girl is DaBomb.  She’s one of those uber talented artsy folks.  So much inspiration on her site.  Lots of eye candy!

I gotta go……..I’ve got some wrapping to do.

Head on over and check her out and while you’re there……you can download these tags for free!


  1. FoxyMomma says

    i have been seeing a lot of these types of tags circulating the internet! i’m going to try to make my own next time!

  2. Rebecca says

    Wow this is great! We just wrapped our gifts with paper craft… well we got an end roll from the paper company and it was only two bucks for a huge roll. We than wrapped gifts with yarn. (reusable for next year) I used a tag puncher to punch out our tags from some paper bags we had. Nothing super special like these. Thanks for sharing…. very inspiring!