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Fabulous Friday Giveaway!

todays creative blogYou are gonna love this giveaway!  Who doesn’t LOVE homemade quilts?  Yep…..I said quilt.

Heidi from HoneyBear Lane told me way back in July that she’d give me a $75 gift certificate to give away on my Fabulous Friday Giveaway.  I thought about making her write that down so I’d have proof, but then I came to my senses…….I was in Utah at a table full of beautiful LDS women.  You can usually trust what they tell you.  :)  So, here it is.  A $75 gift certificate to her shop Honey Bear Lane Puffs & Stuff.


$75 Gift Certificate!

puff quilt


I met Heidi way back in April.  You can read about how she thinks I’m all that and a bag of chips.  Shortly after that, I featured her.  Then I got to see her again in July.  She’s a cutie…….who can sew.  Yep…….talented.  She is famous for her puff quilts.  She’s got 8 styles and 2 new ones.  One of her new ones is called “Ziggy” because it’s a zig zag.  Notice she didn’t call it Chevy. (for chevron)  :)

puff quilt for babies


1. Visit Heidi’s shop and tell me your favorite.

2. Extra Entries if you Tweet about it using hashtag #TCBGiveaway.  Example:  “Love this giveaway on TCB!  It’s so PUFFY! #TCBGiveaway ” 

3.  Leave me comment.

Deadline for entering is Sunday, Sept 11th.



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  1. Celina says

    I am leaving you this comment to tell you how much I LOVE the quilts and thanks for giving me a chance to win one. My bed could use a makeover. :)

  2. says

    Such fun quilts.. love that they have kits and patterns also… Would love to have the time and energy to make one of those myself!
    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  3. WENDY says

    The Teddy Puff quilt is my favorite. I love blues and browns together! These quilts are just gorgeous!

  4. margarita says

    I liked all, but , ,my favorite design, is glamour it looks cozy and the combination of colors is fantastic

  5. says

    I fell in love with the Teddy Puff Quilt! Would have to buy one ready made tho, not sure my crafting abilities are up to putting one together!
    Independencedaytransitionplanning dot blogspot dot com

  6. Kalyn Ernest says

    I love the raspberry quilt! The taggie would have been great when my daughter was younger, she LOVED tags!

  7. Sara C says

    I am torn.., both the ‘hello jake’ and ‘twigs’ quilts are beautiful. She is very talented and I love the puff quality of them.., makes them even more cozy! : )

  8. EFY says

    Beautiful work! Love the colors. I would definitely want to get the “Diamonds” quilt kit. Adorable! Blessings

  9. Pam says

    With my first grandchild due next month, the adorable Letters From Home Baby Quilt would most definitely find a good home!!

  10. says

    Hiedi is such an inspiration to me. I’ve been following her a for a while now. Her puff quilts are to DIE FOR! :) Diamonds has to be my favorite! Thanks you for hosting!

  11. says

    I love the Ziggy quilt! I would love to win this so I can purchase the Ziggy quilt kit with pattern and make my very first quilt!!!! My fingers are now officially crossed!

  12. says

    Hi there. Heidi’s puff quilts are so lovely. I think I have to choose the puff teddy for its color combination, but they are all so beautiful.

  13. Sabrina Lewis says

    It was hard to choose but I think I like the raspberry puff quilt the best
    mlewis27 at

  14. says

    Well, they are all absolutely beautiful! BUT, if I had to pick one I think I’d pick “Twigs”. I think because I feel like fall is in the air. :)

  15. says

    My grandma makes quilts and they are so nice! You can never have enough. And there’s something about them that make me always pick them first instead of some regular retail store blanket… lol

  16. luckymom says

    I love the Teddy Puff Or the Glamour Puff, DO I have to pick just one. Thanks for the chance. These are beautiful quilts.

    • says

      I LOVE these quilts. I ordered the pattern for puff quilt and her little tutu pattern. I like the original puff squares the best. I am not a chevron personal, simple because I am 50 so have been there and done that when I was young.

  17. Susan says

    Love,love the ziggy quilt. I am very new to this blog,lots to discover and take part in it’s great!!

  18. says

    I just love the Teddy and the Glamour puff quilts! I think Kylie and Jimmy would love them! What a fun Give-A-Way!
    -Ali @twotailsmattali

  19. Jill W. says

    I absolutely LOVE the zig-zag quilt. I would get the kit because I already own her pattern and it’s amazing!

  20. twelve30 says

    I love the Letters from Home bay quilt. It is beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win.

  21. says

    I kind of got distracted on your birthday and never wished you a happy one…so now a little late, Happy 50th! I laughed out loud at the flock…I have to do that and soon to my sister in law. She gets highly offended when someone has anything on their lawn like that, she would go insane with 50 pink flamingos on her lawn! hee hee. Hope the rest of your day was as fun.
    love ya!

  22. Sara says

    I am leaving you a comment to tell you how excited I am for this giveaway! I love her shop and would LOVE one of her quilts!! Thanks!

  23. Sarah M. says

    So nice to find another lovely blog/crafting site to add to my radar! Thanks for holding a contest so I could find you!

  24. rachel wingert says

    O m g i love this site its sooo cute. I love the glamour quilt. Of course I really like the colors on the diamond without pattern lol. Thanks for the giveaways.

  25. Binks says

    Raspberry Bush Puffy Quilt is my favorite. However, they are all so gorgeous and cheerful. Just looking at these brings a smile to my face. I can’t imagine if I could wrap one around me.
    So cute.

  26. Tammy Wallis says

    I’ve been admiring her puffy quilts for some time, and recently bought the pattern! I’m excited to give it a try!! My favorite in her shop right now is the Twigs puff quilt. Love the colors she used!

  27. Olivia says

    I am leaving you this comment to tell you how much I LOVE the quilts and thanks for giving me a chance to win one. I don’t have a twitter to tweet you though :(

  28. KittenJen says

    I think I need the ” Hello Jake” quilt…not only is it my favorite, but my baby’s name is Jake!

  29. Henria O. says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’d love the chance to win something from Honey Bear Lane. I have known about them for a while now!

  30. Deborah in Atlanta says

    This is my random comment you said I could enter. I think Heidi’s quilts are awesome, and you are so dang fortunate to know her in person. That gal must ooze creativity, and it must drip off her as she walks by. I am so thrilled to even be entering this giveaway. Wow!

  31. Allison C says

    I love these quilts! I’m a fan of the Ziggy quilt and would love the opportunity to buy a kit so I can try to make my own puffy quilt.

  32. Emily Shaw says

    I would LOVE to get the “TWIGS” Puff Quilt. I have loved that quilt since the first I heard of puff quilts!

  33. Jennifer says

    The hello jack quilt is wonderful. I love the color combinations. WOW. you were right…she can sew.

  34. Paizley says

    I stumbled onto this site after seeing and falling absolutely in LOVE with HoneyBear Lane puff quilts!
    I’m having a boy but secretly my favorite is the GLAMOR PUFF QUILT, wish it was big enough for ME!

  35. Candi Merritt says

    I love Honey Bear Lane! I have been one of her followers for quite awhile. The glamour puff quilt is just what I need for my nursery:)

  36. Jenn N says

    I’m leaving you a comment. I think the bib is adorable! and it’s so smart that Honeybear lane has her PDF for sale! too bad I’m scared to try a quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    I love these quilts…picking a favorite is crazy…however….I have signed up to take a beginner quilting class…….so my favorite has to be the Ziggy with the pattern… perfect…….for my first big project… fingers and toes are crossed……

  38. says

    What beautiful quilts! I love the Hello Jack quilt – would be great for my new Grandson. Thanks for the chance to win! AJ

  39. says

    Love the Diamonds design and colors. I am a turquoise girl and tend to pin things that are turquoise/aqua. I am just learning to sew/quilt and am amazed at what others have created.