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Recycled Crafts

Recycle Reuse Reduce

It’s no secret how I love recycling.  Recycled Crafts are even better!  Whether it’s re-purposing furniture, or using household items to craft with……. items you may dispose of otherwise.

Creative Jewish Mom is all about keeping her kiddo’s busy and using simple ideas around her house to do it.

We all have beans in the house……what about using them to teach with?  recycled craftsJust make sure your little ones are old enough to not shove these perfect sized beans up their nose….not that my son did that……  This would have been perfect for pre-schoolers or Kindergartners.  I wish I would have thought of this…

What I love about Creative Jewish Mom , is how she makes beautiful projects without having to make a run to a local craft store…….Lord knows they get enough of our money.

Who needs fancy beads, when you can make them from rolled paper?  Another great way to recycle all those $5/yr mags we all bought off Amazon.recycled craftsPaper or Plastic?   We take our own bags here, but I’m sure there are many of you that have a ton of those urban tumble weeds.  (plastic grocery bags)  She has found a wonderful way to make them useful after bringing your groceries home.  She has a full tutorial (TUTORIAL!!!)  on how to make Plarn (plastic + Yarn = Plarn)  to crochet with.  She made this placemat.  So cool!recycled craftsWhile we’re solving the worlds plastic bag problem, she has another interesting tutorial for fusing plastic bags and making things like….coasters.  recycled crafts Another great reminder for recycling…..using cans to hold our gifts………some spray paint and you can create a real masterpiece. recycled crafts

I thought this was interesting…….except the Styrofoam liners in my house come from meat, and never thought about washing them…..but she took hers and made some stamping projects.  recycled craftsReminds me of screen printing.  Love it.image While we have the kids involved, we may as well bring back the lost art of pomander making………you don’t have to worry about lead poisoning with oranges and cloves.  Great way to keep the kids busy for awhile…….and it smells good too.recycled crafts If you’re kids whip through that too quickly, then you can move on to making your own beads.  Another full tutorial is just waiting for you on her blog.recycled crafts

Here’s a cool piece of homemade art using embroidering hoops……  I’d like to see about 5 of these hanging from my craft rooms ceiling……or what about in a play room, or above the crib?recycled crafts If I learned anything from her blog is was to look at the everyday for inspiration.  I love to decorate with fruits and such…….but I had never thought about putting them in a jar of water……..or in coffee cups….Love it.image

The things I learn from all you other bloggers!  I love it!

Come back tomorrow – You guys have been rockin Get Your Craft On!