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Reindeer Food Poem Free Printable

When my son was little, one of my most favorite things to do at Christmas, was order his letter from Santa and make Reindeer Food for him to sprinkle in the yard on Christmas Eve!

This free Reindeer Food Poem Free Printable is so dang cute, perfect for making up a batch and attaching the poem for neighbor kids. Here’s my Reindeer Food Recipe. It’s so easy and it’s fun to make with the kids…..getting them all excited for the big night!

Reindeer Food Poem Free Printable

Reindeer Food Poem Free Printable |

Marlynn from Urban Bliss Life designed these and has a coordinating Dr. Santa Printable for you. She also designed last years Reindeer Food Poem Printable. She has her 12 days of Christmas giveaways going right now…….so you should check it out! We love winning stuff!

Reindeer Food Poem Free Printable |

Instead of putting these in clear bags like I did last year……..which is still totally cool if that’s what you’re doing……I thought I’d use my cute chevron gift boxes and bags.  I’ve been dying for a reason to pull these babies out!

So many great uses for Reindeer Food.

  • Make up tiny bags of Reindeer Food with this poem and attach to all your gifts. Bring out the child in everyone!
  • Make up small lidded cups (you know those small plastic ones at Baja Fresh) with the poem taped to the top and place in a decorative bowl for your holiday party guests to take home as a party favor.
  • Deliver small bags with a Santa letter to the kids in your neighborhood.
  • Print it out and place in a small frame for holiday decor.

Download your free Reindeer Food Poem Here.   

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