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Reupholster Furniture

Thank you so much for linking up to Get My Craft On!  WOW!  You guys rocked my socks off.

Oh how I love a cheap woman.  Well….maybe I better rephrase that.  Oh  how I love a creative woman who can make magic inexpensively.  In this case it’s women.

As you all know, I always say you can have a beautiful home with out  breaking the bank…….well maybe I don’t always say it, but I do think it and I know that it’s true. 

All Things Thrifty with Kallie and Brooke find all kinds of bargains and then wave their magic paint can or their fabric wand……..imageimage Isn’t that fabulous?  Check out all her chairs below.  Love all the color.image   Here are a couple of those chairs before.  Old smelly and ugly.image Fresh, not smelly and oh so cute!  You will never look at ugly furniture the same…….because you never know what’s lurking  to come out.image Now that we have all these large flat screen Televisions, they don’t always fit in the TV cabinets we once used.  I for one HATE seeing tech garb and demanded that our new flat screen fit in our armoire.  Poor hubby had to settle for a 32 in……before you feel sorry for him, he has a larger 50in downstairs with all that media stuff……But I’m warming up to new solutions like they did.

She did find a hutch……. imageimage Then once again, waved the magic paint brush and WhaLa image THAT I could get used to.  What a great idea.  Way to think outside the box.image Speaking of TV cabinets…….before she found the above one, she took this piece and made it more suitable and more stylish. 

 imageSee the open cabinet part?  Why not take some rubber floor mats and cut them up to fit?  Cuz that’s what she did.    Who thinks of this stuff?  These brilliant girls do……that’s who.imageBrilliant   imageIf you think you don’t possess the talent to do all this fancy stuff, think again. They have great instructions on “How to reupholster furniture”  “ How to paint furniture”.  After reading their blog, you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything.

They take you through step by step.  I love that they’re using glaze.  That’s something I’ve been afraid of…….so I guess I’ll try it on that next project.imageThe glaze really makes this project.image You don’t have to have money to have a nice home.  But you do need taste.   So many fun projects to cruise through. 

I hope you’ll go surprise them with a ton of comments.

image This post was sponsored by Priddy Creations.  All your Camera bag needs.



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  1. Francesca and Raquel says

    We applaud your spirit of thrift and really love your before and after pictures. You have repurposed these items beautifully and embody what we at Eclat de Femme stand for. From two frugalistas to you, Cheers!