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DIY Room Makeover Ideas

Beach Brights

If you like lots and lots of ideas, inspiration sheets, a bit of cooking and baking…..then you’ll enjoy your visit to Beach Brights.    She’s been a loyal follower of TCB and we tear up the Twitter floor every now and then.  What?  You didn’t know I had a twitter acct?  I do.  It’s on the side bar.  Join.  But this isn’t about me……for once………it’s about Beach Brights.

Powder Room Makeover

What really caught my eye was her bathroom re-do.  I have been toying with this idea for a very long time.  Why not make your vanity out of a bombay chest, or a cute little dresser……hmmm, I wonder if the dresser I bought last week would work……Squeal!  I hadn’t even thought of the bathroom.

This is a way better idea than any affordable vanity at Home Depot.  She has a video I assume that tells you how to do this.  More Squealing! diy bathroom cabinet
Here’s a quick before and after.  Love it!power room makeover updateThey move a lot, so she has a few before and afters.  Or decorating solutions. Because what works in one house may not work in the other.

Home Office Makeover

office makeover ideas Craft Room Makeover

I would NEVER move if I had this office – craft room.  NEVER!office makeover ideas

Cake Mix

Then I got distracted by some of the yummy things she’s waving around on her blog.  These are some sort of gooey bar………..4188692550_bd681afcb0made with this stuff……….say no more.  If you’re trying to lose wt with a new years resolution, sorry.  But they do look good don’t they?4187929565_bc08ffd19d Ravioli

And then I noticed some quick dinner suggestions.  Quick? I love that.  This is a ravioli dish that she says only takes minutes to make.  Sold!!!4175098863_66ce1b4f40Yummmm…….I’d make it tonight, but I am actually going to try the Pioneer Woman’s Meat Loaf.  Yea……..I’m that cool.4175864424_a63774b1aa

Mango Salsa

Included with her quick meals…….she showed a quick fish tacos with mango salsa.  I sat up straight when I read Simple and Mango Salsa. Cannot wait to try that.3998887617_a6bb05afdd Little bit for everyone here.  She’s another sweet blogger…….not a snooty one.  I wish I could tell you when I think they’re snooty, but I’m more refined than that.  :)  Let’s just say….had I known they were snooty, I wouldn’t have featured them…….and really it’s a very small percentage on my featured list.  I am continually amazed at the talent and character I have come across.

OK……wow, where did that little rant come from?

Go be a nice blogger and leave her a comment.  :)