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Roots and Wings Co. -Halloween Decorating

These sisters are teaming up to bring us one creative project after another.  Lots of great projects that kids and be involved with too.

Roots and Wings Co.

Love these guys.  They have been faithful readers for a long time and ALWAYS take the time to leave me a nice comment.  hint hint…………

So many great Halloween ideas to copy.  (Thank you for all your Halloween ideas and photos.  I plan to dedicate a full post to them all)candy corn cups 2_thumb[1]Love these cute little plant pots…..these are the bio-degradable ones, but you sure could use the same idea for regular terracotta ones.  Great for party favors……fill full of candy and call it good.   These cookies below look pretty darn good.  pumpkin cookies_thumb[1]Apparently I am behind in my candy consumption, because I had no idea that Pumpkin spice kisses even existed.  This changes everything people.  Why not just drop a couple of these in your hot chocolate, or your hot cider?  Oh my!pumpkin for cookies_thumb[1] That’s not what they did here, but they do share the recipe on their site.  In fact, they share a ton of recipes with you!  Some are Gluten Free.

caramel Apple drink_thumb[1]Simple seasonable ideas tickle my tummy.  I can do this!  Maybe I’ll surprise the bunco group Tuesday with a bouquet of these.ghost sucker filling in_thumb[1]She has the template and tutorial on her site.  TUTORIAL!!!!

Easy halloween treats Halloween is really for adults to scare the pants off little kids.  I love making our home scary!  It’s the one time of year my husband and son can decorate the porch.  It’s SO tacky, but kids love it and we usually get a ton of compliments saying our house is the scariest on the block.  It doesn’t have to be expensive…….The sisters picked these tomb stones up at the Dollar Tree……..IMG_5147_thumb[1]added a bit more paint and called it good.  Looks good in the front yard.  You could even have the kids paint them……..And while their painting, why not throw’em a bone………a dog biscuit bone….so they can make skeleton hands.  So cute.

skeleton hands 1_thumb[1]skeleton hands 2_thumb[1]They have a nice detailed tutorial on these pumpkin pencil toppers.  Something perfect for the classroom if you have little ones.  I don’t think my 5th grader would like it to well if I showed up with these.  hee hee hee….Super Easy Halloween Pencil Topper_thumb[2]And for you remedial decorators………seriously, if you have a banner for each holiday, you’re good to go.  Banners are a quick and easy way to spruce up your home for any holiday.  Of course they have a tutorial for this one on their site. felt garland from halloween template_thumb[1]  They do all kinds of non-halloween things on their site.

I think these shrinky dink lunch pail tags are brilliant.  My son probably would have used one last year, but not this…….he’s too cool you know.  Much easier for me to embarrass him now.Shrinky Dink Clone Wars name tags_thumb[1]   He may still want to do a craft like this on below with me though if he could change the characters to droids and troopers.finished paper fish bowl mobile_thumb[2]

This below is no ordinary castle.  It’s a cake!  Whatever!  Pretty good huh?castle cake details_thumb[1]   I think one of my favorite projects is this car trash bag made from an embroidery hoop.  I could seriously use one of these.  So cute!  I want one…….but I’m not sewing.hanging in the car     Enjoy everyone……..I’d love to know you stopped by, but I know it gets annoying trying to leave ME a comment AND the featured blogger…… I’ll sacrifice a comment if you’ll leave them one.  Deal?