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Simple Guacamole Recipe with Salsa

It’s guacamole time! You know how I know that? Because the Super Bowl is this weekend and we MUST make this simple guacamole recipe with salsa.

We love guacamole around here and I can’t lie……I’m thrilled my son has always loved avocados.  Seeing a one year old devour an avocado for his snack made me feel like I was the best mom on the planet. So good for you and they’re green, so it counts as a green veggie right?  Or are they a fruit?  Who cares! They are delicious!

Simple Guacamole Recipe with Salsa

simple Guacamole recipe with Salsa |

Guacamole is the perfect football food, I think it’s pretty much a requirement. Otherwise your team will lose. True.

Have you ever made guacamole? Contrary to what you may think, it’s NOT hard to make. At least my way is easy.  I don’t like complicated food or recipes with a ton of ingredients or steps. I also don’t like a lot of onions.

simple guacamole recipe with salsa |

This goes great with nachos or just as a dip. We like to make cheese chips (lazy mans nachos) and just melt cheese over the chips, and then dip away. Again…… simple, but so delicious. It’s a really fast way to make an appetizer for a crowd or just a couple of people.

If you eat a lot of avocados, do yourself a favor and get an Avocado Slicer. It has changed my life. It makes slicing, pitting and scooping quick and easy.Avocado Knife


Simple Guacamole Recipe with Salsa

Simple Guacamole Recipe with Salsa


  • 4 Medium Avocados
  • 2 garlic cloves crushed
  • 1/4 cup pico de gallo (chunky salsa)
  • Juice of one lime


  1. Slice your avocados, scooping out the "meat" into a bowl. Discard the pits and skin.
  2. Add your Pico de Gallo or salsa.
  3. Slice a lime and squeeze the juice into the bowl.
  4. Stir.
  5. TASTE! This is when you'll be able to tell if you need any additional salt or garlic. Depending on your pico, this is when to add the garlic cloves.
  6. If it tastes too salty, add another avocado.


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