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Slip Covers

You may have noticed that it’s Friday and I’m not doing a giveaway.  Yep……I am changing up a few things and will only do giveaways occasionally on Fridays.   Most of you said you could take them or leave them……so I’m not feeling any guilt for not having one today.


I love me some Emily.  I see her in blog land, I see her on twitter….and because I’m 48, I thought that I had already featured her.  But I haven’t…….so today is the day!

Remodeling this Life

You’ll get DIY projects, you’ll get some photography stuff………you’ll get some really good writing.

Let’s start with this slipcover.

imageWhy oh why do these sewing slip cover people not live next door to me?  Just tell me why?image

Did I ever mention that I used to live in an old 1912 home in the Mt. Tabor area of Portland Oregon?  Yep, I did.  I haven’t always been a suburb soccer mom.  What I loved most about my 1912 home was the tub.  The tub was so big I could lie down completely.  It was an old fashioned tub like this one.  Sigh….imageEvery time I see this photo below on her blog, I think it belongs in a magazine.  I love how the kids are involved in drawing. And I LOVE chalk board paint.imageEmily is a wonderful mom that doesn’t get annoyed with muddy hands on her white pants……she see’s the beauty in it and captures it.   That photo is worth so much more than clean pants.imageAnd because she loves her children so much, she displays their works of art for all to see.  This is a simple idea and it looks really cool.  And she says her wall is not that green.image This patio caught my eye right away!  See the plain concrete?image   Now look at it…….they tiled it. image I have been wanting to stamp our concrete for a couple of years, but it’s going to take A LOT more ads to pay for the $1000’s of $ to do that.  But tile….Hmmmm.  Great idea.  And see that table?  It used to be dark green.  How fun is that red?

OK, you know the drill.  Go to her site and leave her a hearty TCB comment.