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Stitched Portraits

I remember trying my hand at embroidering when I was a little girl….I loved the old pillow cases with embroidered flowers, or crocheted edges………then I figured out at that tender age, I had no talent or patience for such things and would rather spend my time outside jumping off hay stacks and splitting my tongue……….I should have realized right then, that a needle prick would heal much faster and the embroidering skills would endure me much longer.  Live and Learn.

Check Out Girl took my breath away when I visited her. 4271898639_1123c60210_b I was skyping with Cindy from Skip to my Lou (who will also be with me at Bloggy boot Camp) when she told me to check out Check Out Girl.  Both of us marveled at the exquisite talent, photo after photo.  Then Cindy said to me “you should feature her”  ………like she had to say anything……I had her in my FFF (future feature file) so fast, it made Marion Jones looks slower than her pre-steroid days.

I noticed while exploring Melissa’s site, how relaxed I was feeling.  It was like a good book………you just don’t want it to end.  Photo after photo was a  treat full of the most amazing little pieces of art………so original.

Can you imagine having this?  4260066150_9ec5ba8387_bOr better yet……giving this as a gift?  Let’s just say, none of my friends were this talented for my wedding.  Love’em anyway. Do you think she has everyone on her Facebook inviting her to every event of theirs in hope of receiving a stitched gift?  Melissa, I’m having my son’s 11th birthday party in Feb if you’d like to come.  4260089186_f093c86ea8_bI bet this made Grandma cry!  A felted portrait of all her grandkids.4188294568_5b93560442_bThe initials have meaning……they do.  She said they do.

Showing us the process is so interesting.  4194660817_2fe64a5b0b_bShe’s got a couple of full tutorials…….start with a blank canvas.4131331556_6533e4090b_oDraw out your shaped pieces…….yea…..she lost me right there.4131336136_249254168e_b Lay them out……..4130568391_676960dffb_o       Start to stitch……..4131331370_1e1e50f4c6_o

A bit of detailing…….4130522289_8603ebfaed_oMore detailing…….4130523523_c6f132b01c_oTah-Dah!!!!4131203686_deeab83735_b

How about a simpler project?

I can do that……I can cut out circles of felt….got it.3821114349_9dbce6744f_o Wheee…….I on my way……..I can lay them out too.  Don’t you love how little circles make flowers?  That always surprises me.3821114565_e4226b3987_oThen stitch them on……….lost me.  Can I use glue?3821921200_f06093785d_o  Here’s something a little different than her felt portraits…..The detailing is amazing.4273834573_5cd9755a36_bI’m obviously late to the party, because it looks like Marta beat me to the punch bowl……. again…..Martha featured her on HER website.  Picture 1

Before you count Melissa as unapproachable because of your outragous talent……..she likes thrifted stuff too.  She got this couch FREE!!!  We should let her in the club.


Grab a cup of joe………or cocoa and head over to Melissa’s.  It will be the best time spent.  While you’re there….leave her a comment to make me look good.  (remember……it’s all about making me look good)

Tomorrow—-Get Your Craft On Link up.  Wheee!



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