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The Recipe Girl- Super Bowl Nachos!

OK, I’m trying to be creative and coordinate my post with the Super Bowl. I’m usually not too good and that sort of thing and really should have posted something like this a few days ago.

Super Bowl Menu

Super Bowl is Sunday just in case you hadn’t heard. Don’t ask me who’s playing…….but since I live with two male species, I do remember some muttering about a little red bird……a cardinal. I love Cardinals……..especially around Christmas time.
To pretend I’m with it, we are planning our own little super bowl party. Just the 3 of us. We love our family parties. It has been heavily suggested that I should make chili and nachos. But I couldn’t make it easy and make my 7 can chili………..I wanted a new recipe…….during my search, I found this blog. The Recipe Girl. She has a few ideas for Super Bowl. While there I found a whole lot more.

food for the super bowlWhat I love about this blog is how she shows each step. Takes the fear out of it. And gives you lots of ideas for new things to try…………or basically things I thought were just too hard.

Food for the Super Bowl

CrockPot recipes are usually pretty user friendly. That’s why we love our crockpots. Making chicken wings just got easier. Not that I have ever made chicken wings……….can’t really stand eating meat off any bone………and the meat a chicken wing offers is just not worth it to me………….just sayin……but I know A LOT of people LOVE them some chicken wings, especially for super bowl. Knock yourself for the super bowl

I am however making Nachos! No bones in nachos. She has a great recipe for them. I’ve got my organic restaurant style chips from Trader Joe’s……..I am so ready. (just so you know…… husband will roll his eyes if I mention to him that they are organic……..this is coming from a guy who will eat pork rinds if I bought them)food for the super bowlSuper Bowl Chili

I’m also making chili…………did I already tell you that? Well I just told you again. I didn’t see a recipe on her site, but she has a yummy recipe for some corn bread……….which my son now declares is his favorite food after having some from the cafeteria yesterday…….how could I possibly compete?Now this isn’t your typical Super Bowl food………………but WOW, doesn’t it look good? Step by step instructions………this one is finally baked in the oven. I KNOW! I would have never thought of that.She has recently started a weightloss program……charting her progress on her blog. Very inspiring and she has found many wonderful healthy recipes to tell us all about.

Of course this is not one of them. Yes, it’s wonderful, but it certainly isn’t a “healthy” one.I love it when a blogger shows all the ingredients! I have no idea why…….it just speaks to the organized fantasy I have.

Nothing more beautiful than a row of peanut butter cups.

I don’t think this is photo of the finished product………I just liked how all this photos looked. She has her top ten recipes for the year 2008 HERE. YUM

I just asked my son who was playing in the Super Bowl……….and with his answer, I can tell he wasn’t too proud of his mom not knowing……….then he wanted me to tell you all that our family is rooting for the Cardinals! (the little red bird)



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