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Sycamore Stirrings

Brilliant! These muffin tin meals made me sit of straight and yell “BOY HOWDY!”

Sycamore Stirrings has the greatest ideas! I am so glad that they will still work on my son, because I may have had to have another child just to do this. I showed my son her blog and you should have seen the smile grow across his face. We can’t wait to try it! Brilliant! Anything to get kids interested in good food. Not processed crap food, but real food.

I am lucky that my son is an adventurous eater. We always told him he HAD to try something, but if he didn’t like it, then he didn’t have to eat it. I was determined to not to have him turn into a picky eater. I have a friend {wink wink} that has a niece and nephew who would only eat Kraft Mac & Cheese, hotdogs, rice-a-roni…….my neice would eat ketchup with potato chips for breakfast………their parents STILL bring their own food (mac&cheese) to holiday dinners, and the kids are now 16 and 14! True!

We have all created little games to get our children to eat, but I really think this would have been so fun…….what a way to get children to try a variety of foods. Think of the vitamins their little bodies will absorb. I can see their rosy cheeks now.

I bet my niece and nephew……..I mean my friends niece and nephew would have tried a few of these foods.

Why stop there, why not make other fun and tasty things in a muffin tin?I want her to adopt me. You know she’s the mom bringing the fancy treats to school making the rest of us look bad.I can make ants on a log……….so there.

But I can’t make a quilt.

Or baby beluga tee’s………love that. I loved singing that song to my son. I’m sure she made that whale so perfectly because she’s from Seattle. We have whales you know……And I can’t make headbands………..heck I can’t even wear one.I could make this cake……..and I know I could eat it. What a brilliant way to decorate it! I would have never thought of that………using sliced almonds for flower petals. I can not tell you how much I love simple ideas with BIG appeal.

This mom has got it goin on……..Go visit her……! Leave her a nice message letting her know what a great job she’s doing raising our future generation!


  1. nik says

    oh no…I can see the muffin-tin-shaped bacon cups on the horizon.
    Her Hide-and–Seek Muffins are actually a good idea, especially for this batch of really tart blackberries that I have. Thanks for the write-up and link!