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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We love our children’s teachers and to show how thankful we are, we are always searching for the best Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

My son’s teacher reads my personal blog…….I think she may read this one too……She’s fabulous!  We love her and his math teacher too.  We are very very fortunate to have them this year.

OK…….I found a few quick and cute ideas from eighteen25……One of my featured bloggers sent me their site…….Thank you Meg.  These gals named their blog after the address they grew up with in Vegas.  Cute isn’t it?

Cute and quick……..teacher appreciation gifts Cute packaging goes a long way, because I’m sure if you just stuck this smelly thing in a card, the teacher may get the wrong idea.  But add the cute packaging and the cute saying and suddenly you are the most wonderful parent in her class!teacher giftsSimilar packaging with Swedish fish.  Once again, you’d win some creative points here.teacher appreciation gift ideas

They have so much more on their site besides teacher gifts, but since I am desperate, that’s what you’re getting today.  what I do love is they show tutorials for all these……..the last thing I want to do is figure out how they made it look so cute.  Whew…….thank you.image What teacher doesn’t like chocolate?  Certainly not a sweet one.  Maybe we could give lemon drops to the sour pusses?…..make a candy bar wrapper I thought this was clever.  So cute. And once again……if you waltzed in the Principals office with a six pack……..of soda…..they may not see what a great gift it really is.  So be sure to add the chocolate and the cute tag.  If you don’t have the cute tag and chocolate…..then better make that six pack something a little stronger.creative teacher gifts This has nothing to do with teacher appreciation gifts, or Easter really.  I just liked it.  I love the blue and I love the Easter

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