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Thanksgiving Decompression!

Mercy…..I have crammed more into the last four days than my purse on fair day.thanksgiving table

Wednesday- My mother informs me that she didn’t buy a train ticket, so I need to drive down and pick her up.  A drive that normally would only take about 70 min one way took about 4 hours total in stop and go traffic.  Fun times.

Thursday- Thanksgiving day.  Prepped all my stuff that needed prepping on Wednesday, but had to cram it in on Thursday.  Exhausted by the time guests arrived at 3pm.  Dinner at 4pm……well if the turkey would have been thanksgiving table   done…….we ate at 5:30pm  (not my fault, my husband does the turkey)

In the mean time, I sample many glasses of my Winter Sangria. Recipe below.  My Father inlaw spills a full glass of winter sangria on my light carpet.  Winter Sangria is with Merlot.  My sister inlaw freaks leaving the room hyper ventilating……….my Mother inlaw freaks, my father inlaw feels absolutly horrible.  My MIL and SIL are the kind of people that keep everything in brand new condition.  No kidding. The take OCD to a new level when keeping things looking new.monogram wall

(If you look closely, you’ll see my son’s paintings….he insisted I keep them up)

I remained calm because ………my table was cute…….…..Thank you Sangria…..Seriously…….my FILs feelings are much more important to me than my carpet.  WE douse club soda on the stain, then  oxyclean……’s gone.  :) IMG_5596 But dang my table was cute!

During dinner before pie, I suddenly get a head cold.  Nice. Can’t taste my pie.

Friday – My mom really wants to go shopping.  I teach at 7am, come home to go to Kohl’s and Target.  Sniff sniff, sneeze, hack……. arrive home about  3pm in time to take my son to Michaels because she promised him that she would take him to Michaels…….which means ME driving them both…… I have a happy son and a snoozing mom when we arrive home.  Time for me to go to bed.

Saturday- Drive my mother to Central Oregon (3 hrs) over Mt Hood for an anniversary party of some family friends.  We have the wrong directions and actually get lost in Terrebonne Oregon……something I didn’t think was possible.  We arrive only 3 min late for the party.  It was fun to see my old family friends whom I grew up with…….the daughters of the couple with the anniversary.  Ran into an old friend from Portland who moved to Central Oregon………Head over to one of the daughters for an anniversary dinner in her barn… was lovely……..but cold. IMG_5637 Stop by Walmart for earplugs…….arrive to the hotel at 8:30pm.  Toss and turn all night.

Sunday – Take my mom to breakfast and meet up with my Aunt before heading over the Santiam pass to take my mother home.  4 hours later, I am home with my husband, son and pup.  Life is good.  I am exhausted.  Work on Monday. Decide to make this my post for Monday.  :) Aren’t you lucky?

But…….wasn’t my table cute?kraft paper (my son’s sketch pad is on the table….don’t ask me why)

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Winter Sangria

2 bottles Merlot ( I used 2 buck chuck from Trader Joes)

1/2 t – cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks

Orange slices

Mix and pour into pitcher to chill over night.

Before serving:  Add 2 liters Gingerale and lots of ice.

Do not spill on carpet.



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