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The Small Object

You know how Ballet always seems so effortless?  Simply elegant? Easy and flowing?  But in reality, it’s really really really hard.  A really good ballerina makes it look easy and a really good artist does the same.

She takes Simple to a new level.  It’s a good reminder for me to see simple, clean ideas. Simple done right.  I tend to makes things too busy…..whether I’m decorating my table, a wall or designing a layout.

When you visit her site, The Small Object…….you see this first. sticker copy It’s like visiting the circus for the first time as a child….I actually did close my eyes and smile real big and you know what?  It did get really good.

I saw a simply designed gift.  Less is more.gift1

Or this…….so elegant.  Yes it does say wedding toppers……….she does make wedding toppers.weddingBoxLabelBLOG

She can customize it for you, so it looks like you and your spouse to be.weding98BLOG

wedding83BLOGLove the detailing of her dress.  wedding67coupleDetailBLOGMy favorite one.  wedding78BLOGThen after the marriage….baby comes in a baby carriage…..she has the most delectable baby announcements that also make really cute and original wall art too.babyBundleBLOGShe draws and designs the smallest and cutest little things.  She even has a book out.  Stickers and labels of her designs.  Find her book here.stickyNotes      Keeping things simple, she designed this darling way to store your needles.  I’ve never been so sad not to sew. gift6We’ve seen all kinds of banners and we love them. But I’ve never seen this fun paper flower garland.   garland2BLOGI know what some of you will be doing tomorrow…..mobileBLOG   One of the things that caught my eye were these adorable walnut candles. birthday candlesBLOG In that bag!!  Can you imagine the smile on someone’s face when they open this up.  It just screams HAPPY!birthday greetings  Enjoy everyone. Don’t be shy….please leave her a comment and let her know how much you enjoy her talent.  Spread some love.