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Seriously……..where to these gals come from? Do they drink special Kool-Aid to get this pretty AND talented? I’ll drink that Kool-Aid…..I don’t care what flavor it is.

Kim from The TomKat Studio is all that and a bag of chips. Really.

She’s a beautiful mom of young kids who creates the most amazing parties, designs cute paper products for parties, decorates like a pro……..did I mention her two children are little? Heck I thought I was doing really good just to get a shower and maybe dinner on the table.

What impresses me about Kim, is her eye for detail. She is a planner. I love how she shows her inspiration collage for decorating a room. Her parties are unbelievably detailed and planned. Makes my little cupcake decorating party I had last week look like it was put on by big burly prison inmates.

Her latest party was birthday party……I’m sorry I don’t remember the personal details……I was too busy looking at all the party decor details. party planning TomKatFirst she designed the invite. Then the table. Could you die??!!!

desserts 2Just so you know……..I made pretzels like that too. Just sayin…….dessertsMore cute party ideas……..really it’s all about the cute cupcake picks, the invite and matching the table foods to the party. I have learned something today! I can’t wait til my next party.ladybug invite cupcakeHere are more pretzels…….I am so glad I have so many bags left over from Christmas. I guess I should plan to make more throughout the year. These are so cute with the green M&Ms.Chloe 2nd B-day003I don’t know what party this was from……..but would you look at those beautiful cookies? Better than a bakery I’d say.snowflake party2Need more ideas for a little girl party? Just look at this ballerina theme. More details on her blog. More than you’ll ever need. (Photo inspiration for snowflakes and ballerina theme courtesy of Glory Albin)snowflake party1bright flower notecardShe has an Etsy shop she sells some of her party fare and other paper delights in. That certainly makes it easier on us…..She has many photos on her site covering a lollypop party. So so cute.il_430xN.114124322 You know……my son’s birthday is coming up in Feb. I wonder what she would suggest. He’s going to be 11. It’s winter…….I live in the NW……….I’d love some ideas. I’d love to look really really good. Got any ideas Kim?

Kim shares a few free downloads. She has a fun printable calendar for you each month and occasionally she’ll throw us a bone with this yummy recipe. I don’t care if this recipe is for beef hearts…….it looks so cute, I have to download it. (it’s not for beef hearts….no worries)chocolate scotcheroo recipe label - tomkat studioJust in case you’re not completely jealous of her…….I was reading through and found out that she recently moved. This was her kitchen before………. KITCHEN Before-1 This was her kitchen AFTER. Love how she changed the cabinets. KITCHEN2 Here’s the deal……….she sold her house and the person buying it wanted to buy it with all HER furnishings. GASP!!! What a compliment to her talent. Can you imagine selling your home and everything with it…….wait……..dont’ answer that, let me rephrase that…….can you image selling your home and having the buyer WANT everything with it? WOW!

So, try not to be too green with envy…….just head over and get inspired. Don’t forget to tell her I sent you……..really. Let’s make her feel comfortable at TCB.


















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