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Design on a Dime

Way back in the day when I was first stating this blog, I had my favorites I would visit.  Jennifer was one of them.  I even featured her and she even did a guest post for me while on vacation.  We’ve never met in real life, although I feel like I’ve known her forever.  She’s from Boise and we’ve tried connecting a few times on my way to Utah, but it hasn’t happened yet. 

Jennifer is an amazing writer and her life story this past few years will suck you in and have you looking for your pom poms because you are suddenly her biggest cheerleader!

I don’t feature people twice, so why I am writing about Jen?  Because she’s a blogging sister that is starting to do a bit of her own Interior Design again.  You can see more photos on her facebook page, The October Co.  Jen is really really good at helping you design a room or home on a budget.  Budget is her middle name……….She’s a single mom  with 4 boys.  She can decorate your home on the principle of “USE WHAT YOU HAVE” or on a very small budget and have it looking like magazine quality. I love how she’s infused a warm but hip look to her home.  Her home screams fun!

Room Consultations in the Boise Area

If you’re in the Boise or surrounding area and you need a little sprucing up for the holidays……….call Jennifer.  She’s doing Room Consultations for only $150!  You get Jen for an hour and a half and she’ll have you living in style!  What are you waiting for?  If you don’t live near Jen, you may be able to talk her into an online consult…….not sure what she’d charge for that. Just tell her I volunteered her for those.  :)  You can find Jennifer on her blog, The Petersons Go Public, or her facebook for The October Co.

And promise me that if you have her come over……….take before and after shots for me!





  1. nik says

    Jen really is so talented…that Play room is supercute! She has a crisp, clean yet fun and colorful style. I wish her much success!