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Memorial Day Craft – DIY Decor

Truth be told, I don’t usually decorate for Memorial Day.  I don’t usually decorate for Fourth of July because I’m always in Utah.  But for some reason, I saw my little flags in the hutch drawer and I really wanted to do something with them.  I also wanted to do something with my old jars. It was time to try a Memorial Day Craft!

memorial day decorating

Memorial Day Ideas

I thought about what I could fill the jars with that would be festive for either Memorial day or Fourth of July.  I wanted to use something I already had.  I grabbed my bag of rice and food coloring and colored me some rice.

decorating for memorial day

I wanted to do about 5 of these and set the outdoor table,with a long line of jars. But it was raining, so my indoor display will have to do.

memorial day decor Coloring Rice:

This was the simplest idea I have ever done.  I poured the rice in a glass bowl, dropped a few drops of food coloring right on the rice and mixed until well blended.   Once blended, I poured into my jars by color. Done!

See?  Simple.

The beauty is that I can leave this up til after the fourth of July.  Sweet!

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  1. says

    I love the colored rice!!! You could do that for anytime of year with different colors. I’m thinking Halloween & Christmas!!! Pinned it.

  2. Amanda says

    OMG KIM, I love this idea and am totally “borrowing” it for our Memorial day BBQ. How fun!! Thanks for always having such great ideas.

  3. says

    I saw this in a linky party and loved everything about it. I’m getting the food coloring and rice out tomorrow! Great ideas!